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Dear AIB-LAC members,

The year 2020 was a year of significant challenges for everyone. A year that exposed our vulnerabilities and heightened the most significant problems. It would be a lie to say that before the pandemic things were rosy. Some countries barely managed to overcome the disastrous impacts of the 2008 financial crisis, while in Latin America and the Caribbean, we already had deep problems to solve in terms of inequality, environmental degradation and dysfunctional political systems.

2020 was a year to demonstrate solidarity, compassion with our close ones -even to those not so close-. A year that amid everything, brought out the best in each one.

2021 will be a year in which we will have to make seemingly contradictory decisions, and prepare to balance loads “on the fly.” Accelerate demand, and at the same time savings. Nurture hope, and simultaneously control expectations with the principle of reality. Expand the plane of our radar for the perception of risks and threats, and at the same time, focus on maximizing the materialization of potential opportunities. Strengthen cooperation between nations, and protect the national product.

As Mary Robinson -former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights- accurately expressed it, the four lessons that 2020 leaves us, is that collective action matters, government matters, science matters, and compassion matters. We must take advantage of the momentum of the moment, and, Mariana Mazzucato indicates in her forthcoming book, we are at a critical moment where we must “put purpose at the centre of the system.”

From AIB-LAC we wish you that the year 2021 be a year to get even closer, to be able to get out of this crisis together, to be able to search together for solutions that help us mitigate the effects of the coming crises. In 2021 the decade of action begins, which means that we have a maximum of 10 years to transform the world and achieve the goals that we as humanity set for ourselves by 2030. We must act now!

And don’t forget to submit your papers to AIB-LAC 2021 conference. Our deadline is the 20th of January.


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