AIB-LAT is a chapter of the Academy of International Business, and is a leading association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business in Latin America. AIB-LAT organizes an annual conference, aimed at scholars and PhD students from Latin America working in the international business field, along with scholars from other regions interested in Latin America.

About AIB

The Academy of International Business (AIB) is the leading association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business.

  • Established in 1959
  • 3175 members in 93 different countries

Members include scholars from the leading academic institutions as well as consultants and researchers with an interest in international business.
The Academy currently offers individual memberships as well as institutional memberships.

Executive Board

Fast Facts

Chapter Chair
 Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, EAFIT – Colombia
Communications Officer
Dinora Floriani, UNIVALI – Brazil
Program Chairs (in alphabetic order)
Cyntia Vilasboas Calixto, Brazil
Patricio Duran, Chile
Ronaldo Parente, USA

Country Representatives:

Argentina: Diego Finchelstein
Bolivia: Sergio Garcia-Agreda Ballivian
Brazil: Jorge Carneiro
Chile: Santiago Mingo
Colombia: Andres Velez-Calle
Mexico: Miguel Montoya
Peru: Armando Borda
United States: Gerald McDermott
Rest of World: Diana Bank Weinberg
Past Chapter Chair: William Newburry, USA

  • Most constructive reviewer
  • Most enthusiastic track chair
  • Best conference paper
  • Best mentor for Latin American and Caribbean researchers
  • Cuervo-Cazurra & Newburry award: to the scholar that contributes to most to the scientific capacity of academics in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Award 2019
      • Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
      • Bill Newburry
      • Robert Grosse
  • AIB-LAT Publications
    • Palgrave Book Series – International Business in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • AIB-LAT conference special issues
      • Multinational Business Review (MBR)
  • Oficial AIB Publications
    • JIBS
    • JIBP
    • AIB Insights
  • Regional publications
    • AD-Minister
    • RAE – Revista de Administração de Empresas

Communications Officer: Dinora Floriani, Brazil

Email: Dinora@univali.br
Phone: +55 47 991014527
Skype: defloriani