The AIB-LAC Chapter holds a regional conference every year that takes place at a new location
each time. Historically, between 60 and 120 academics and students, mainly from countries in the
Latin American and Caribbean region, have attended each conference. Since the inauguration of
the chapter, meetings have taken place in various countries in the region.
Each conference features a variety of competitive and interactive paper sessions as well as panels
across different functional areas that are presented in parallel tracks. All manuscripts submitted go
through a double-blind peer-review process. The AIB-LAC Conference should either take place
in connection with the AIB conference or during any other month of the year not within the

threemonth period bracketing the AIB Annual Meeting, according to AIB guidelines.
The meeting lasts 2-3 days, and, in accordance with the AIB guidelines, the elected AIB-LAC
Program Chair is responsible for the organization and conduct of the meeting, working with
members of the Board, the Pre-Conference Chair, and the assigned Track Chairs. According to the
AIB guidelines, the meeting should be open to AIB members and prospective members, and all
participants listed in the program should be strongly encouraged to join the AIB as members.


The AIB-LAC conference officially opens with a welcome address by the Chapter Chair that is
followed by the Opening Plenary put together by the Program Chair and the Local Host Chair.
This session is typically followed by a welcome reception hosted by AIB-LAC that usually takes
place at the main venue or at a location nearby (to make it easier for members that have just
arrived). This reception typically includes appetizers and various alcoholic and non-alcoholic
drinks, and it can be organized by sponsoring organizations and the local host institution.
The 2-3 days are made up of full-days of parallel sessions and plenary sessions. The coffee breaks
and lunches are generally served in the halls of the venue and the lunches are usually served as a
buffet that consists of food that it is easy to eat while standing and walking around.
While not mandatory, AIB-LAC encourages a consortium of co-located universities to organize
and host the annual conference. Although we do not rule out a single university host, we believe
that a consortium approach can be most effective in sharing the organizational responsibilities and
the costs. A consortium also can create complementary assets, such as different research and
professional networks and complementary organizational experiences. The consortium can be
effective as well in tapping into relevant business and policy leaders of the country or region to be
invited as special speakers or panelists. An application should note possible special speakers that
could participate.


There are a number of groups that can hold meetings in association with the AIB-LAC Conference
— such as associations, journal boards, centers for international business education or research —
provided that the ethical integrity and independence of the AIB and AIB-LAC are properly
maintained (see Article II of the AIB Constitution).


The extent of the responsibilities associated with a typical conference make up the general
responsibilities of the local host. The Local Host is responsible for all local expenses associated
with the conference. In turn, the Local Host will receive reimbursement of expenses for an amount
up to all revenues generated from conference registration fees minus $25 per registrant (which is
kept by the Chapter). Registrations fees are collected by AIB, and the reimbursement occurs after
the conference has been completed, although AIB can sometimes provide a portion of the
registration revenue to the Local Host prior to the conference to lessen the time they need to carry
the financial burden. Typically, this arrangement means that most, but not all, conference expenses
are covered by the registration’s fees, although the Local Host generally needs to cover a portion
of the costs, either directly or by means of funds from research support agencies or private
sponsors. The AIB-LAC Chapter Chair and Past Local Host Chair are available to work with the
Local Host to help in preparing budgets and managing conference costs as well as providing advice
as to the organization of activities.
The Local Host can also provide a unique local track based on their faculty’s academic expertise
or theme/topic in which they aim to be recognized and gain visibility. The proposed topic and
recommended track co-chairs should be discussed and approved by the Program and Chapter
chairs before the call for papers is distributed.

Gala Event

The local host is responsible for organizing a gala event for the AIB-LAC Conference. While the
conference lunches are usually held at a venue of the conference, the gala event could be at a hotel
or a place of local historical or cultural interest to an international audience. Plans should be made
to accommodate about 120 participants at this venue. The local host will select the location of the
gala event in coordination with the Chapter and Program Chairs. The local host is responsible for
the logistics of the gala event, including menu selection, cultural entertainment, security, and other
site-specific arrangements. The food can be served either as a sit-down formal event, or in buffet
style, depending on the venue and other considerations. The food selection should be sufficiently
rich to serve as a meal for the participants and should include both some national cuisine meals
and some “typically international” dishes

A cultural or institutional local program may be added, depending on the venue. It can include
speeches by local authorities and sponsors. The cost of renting the venue, any entertainment
scheduled, and food is the responsibility of the local host. The cost of alcoholic drinks is typically
included in this arrangement as well, although it is possible to limit participants (for example two
drinks) using a ticket system and providing a cash-bar option for additional drinks. If the gala event
is held at a place that is distant from the conference venue or from the hotels indicated by the local
host, free scheduled transportation to/from the gala event venue should be provided. However, free
transportation from hotels to the conference venue is not mandatory.

Assistance in Conference Planning

The local host should designate one representative that will be committed to providing ongoing
assistance to the AIB-LAC Program Chair with the various aspects of the planning process for the
conference. This process will include graphic design of the conference logo, assistance with
identifying potential conference venues and lodging options (including low-cost housing options
for graduate students attending the conference). Similarly, assistance with identifying various
vendors, such as a transportation company, a tour company, a professional photographer, local
audio-visual services companies, possibly a local printer to print the conference program and
proceedings and conference bags (if AIB-LAC has decided to source these locally). AIB-LAC
may also request assistance with contract negotiations with the different parties, if knowledge of
local customs and negotiation practices and procedures is deemed necessary.

Volunteers before/during/after Conference Days

The local host is also requested to arrange staff members and students as volunteers to assist with
various tasks during the conference. These tasks include preparing conference bags, staffing the
registration and information desks, and running various errands (photocopying, delivering
materials, etc.) as well as providing on-site information to conference participants. A more detailed
schedule and more specific list of volunteer needs will be provided by AIB-LAC closer to the
conference. Each of the student volunteers gets a complimentary registration to the conference,
making this offer very attractive to most undergraduate, masters or doctorate level students.

Local Promotion of Conference

The local host is responsible for promoting the conference at the local level, to universities in the
country where the conference is being held, as well as to the national and local press.

Securing Local Sponsors

The local host is encouraged to seek local sponsors to ease the financial burden on the local host
in relation to the conference. Local sponsors can be sought as general sponsors, or to sponsor
various aspects of the conference, in particular towards the cost of the lunches, coffee breaks or
gala dinner and/or the meeting venue.
The AIB-LAC can assist the local host in developing a sponsorship package to offer to potential
sponsors, including various advantages such as: acknowledgement with name and logo in the

conference program, proceedings, conference website, and sponsorship banners; vocal
acknowledgement during the opening and closing plenaries; opportunity for a top-level executive
to give a keynote speech or sit in a panel (the panel/speech topic needs to fit the conference theme;
this item requires approval by the Chapter/Conference Chair); complimentary conference
registrations and/or invitations to receptions.

Development of Promotional Material

The local host should assist the AIB-LAC in developing promotional material for the conference.
A custom logo can be designed for the conference by the local host and approved by AIB-LAC.
The local host should assist the AIB-LAC in developing informational materials, including a writeup about the geographic location, a write-up about the local host, traveler tips, a map of the city,
recommended attractions and restaurants, photos of the city (royalty-free) and any other material
found relevant
AIB-LAC will promote the conference in the official social networks, AIB-LAC Webpage, and
the official mailing list. A general promotional brochure will be developed by AIB-LAC and will
include information about the geographic location, the conference venue and the local host, and
this should be produced for distribution to promote the upcoming event.

Conference Program Assistance

The Chapter and Conference Chairs typically work in coordination with the designated
representative of the local hosts to identify a conference theme that sets the stage not only for a
stimulating and leading-edge research conference, but also provides synergies with regards to the
location of the conference.
In addition, the local host usually assists the Conference Chair to identify local experts/executives
of importance that may provide keynote speeches. Similarly, local hosts are encouraged to put
together a special panel session to showcase their faculty and local experts and address issues of
concern to the local business community (from an international business perspective). However,
the Conference Chair has the responsibility to make the final decision regarding the inclusion of
any recommended speakers or sessions.
Also, the printed program typically includes welcome letters from the officials of the host
institutions as well as the local arrangements committee chair. The local host will be requested to
make arrangements for the preparation of these letters for the printed program.

Memento Souvenirs for Conference Bags

Local hosts also can choose, at their cost, to include a small souvenir to remind participants of
their visit to the specific location and of the local host. While certainly not a requirement,
most delegates find the souvenirs to be good long-term reminders of the host school and the

All Logistical Arrangements

The local host University/Consortium is primarily responsible for the logistical and cost
arrangements for the facilities and services associated to the conference, including meeting room
setups, audio-visual equipment, preparation of the conference bags, logo design, development of
various banners and signage, organizing conference exhibits, and any other logistical
arrangements, apart from the catering during the day(s) of the conference and the printing of the


In return for the contributions that the local host provides to the AIB-LAC Chapter Conference,
AIB-LAC provides the following benefits to the local host:
Recognition in Latin America and the Caribbean:
The local host is prominently featured in the conference program and various sponsorship banners
during the conference, and it is also recognized during various plenary sessions during the
conference. Wide-ranging exposure provided to the local host creates a lasting impression on the
leading international business scholars and researchers around the region, increasing awareness
and recognition of the host institution.

Conference Program Opportunities

Working closely with the Chapter/Conference Chair, AIB-LAC provides opportunities for the
local host to actively participate in the conference program by helping to identify a theme of
interest to both the AIB-LAC community and to the local host.
In addition, the local host is provided with the opportunity to put together a special panel (or
academic track) and a session to showcase its faculty and/or leading domestic firms with
international operations ( also known as “multilatinas”.), and multinationals based in the country.
The local host will be provided with 10 complimentary conference registrations to enable a select
number of its faculty to attend the conference. This provides an invaluable opportunity for the local
institution to provide its faculty with much valuable exposure to cutting edge research in
international business as well as networking opportunities. Similarly, doctoral, master and
undergraduate students that assist the AIB-LAC by volunteering are also given complimentary
registrations for the conference


Papers Submission and Conference Registration

The AIB-LAC will use the official AIB’s registration system. All conference registrations are
processed by the AIB Secretariat.

Conference Program

AIB-LAC has an elected Program Chair for each year’s conference who is responsible for putting
together the program for the conference. The Program Chair of an AIB-LAC conference is the
person who holds the academic leadership of the academic meeting. This person is a member of
the AIB-LAC executive board, and s/he is elected by vote based on both credentials and
The AIB-LAC Program Chair holds the position for one year. She/he works together with the
Program Chair of the previous year as pre-conference chair, and then works with the following
year’s Program Chair.
The Program Chair has a supporting team composed of AIB-LAC Chair, local host, track chairs,
and Communication Officer. With the support of track chairs, the Program Chair is responsible
for scheduling the program’s content. The Program Chair must ensure that the track chairs handle
the review process respecting AIB Code of Ethics.
The Annual Conference Committee, which includes the Program Chair, Chapter Chair, and a few
members of the AIB-LAC Executive Board, is responsible for reviewing each proposed panel and
making decisions based on relevance, attractiveness, and developmental potential for the
members. The Program Chair should engage in regular communication (emails or e-meetings)
with the track chairs to ensure everyone is alig


The AIB-LAC Executive Board requests proposals from all host schools or consortia wishing to
host an AIB-LAC conference in their country. This proposal should:

a) Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities (both financial, administrative and
logistical) of the host school. Please include a basic tentative budget for key costs (see part
c). Note any prior experience organizing or hosting similar academic or professional
b) Introduce the country and the city where the conference is proposed to be held.
c) Conduct a basic feasibility analysis (an analysis of potential facilities that could be used as
a conference venue, main lodging, and suggestive arrangements for the lunches / coffee
breaks / gala dinner). Please note that these should only be suggestions. Do not seek
contracts from any such venues without AIB-LAC approval.
d) Introduce the local institution(s) proposing to host the conference.
e) Introduce the lead member(s) of the school(s) that will be working with the AIB-LAC
Conference Program Chair through the process, in the form of a local arrangements
f) Include an endorsement signed by the institution’s President, Dean and/or another highlevel administrator such as a vice-president, or provost with budget authority, indicating
the institution’s financial support for the various cost items identified in this document.
g) Discuss a marketing strategy at the local level to ensure wide participation at the conference
from faculty members at the local institution as well as other institutions in the country.
h) Bring additional support letters if co-sponsors and/or local chambers of commerce or
convention bureaus are involved in the proposal.
i) Indicate potential sources of funding from research agencies.

For inquiries about the proposal process, or to request sample proposals from past conferences,
please contact the Chapter Chair.

Approved by AIB-LAC Board (2018-2021)
April 8th, 2021

AIB-LAC Executive board (2018-2021)

Chapter Chair: Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Colombia
Past Chapter Chair: William Newburry, USA
Communications Officer: Dinora Floriani, Brazil

Program Chairs (in alphabetic order):

Cyntia Vilasboas Calixto, Brazil (conference chair 2022)
Patricio Duran, USA
Ronaldo Parente, USA

Country Representatives:

Argentina: Diego Finchelstein
Bolivia: Sergio Garcia-Agreda Ballivian
Brazil: Jorge Carneiro
Chile: Santiago Mingo
Colombia: Andres Velez-Calle
Mexico: Miguel Montoya
Peru: Armando Borda
United States: Gerald McDermott
Rest of World: Diana Bank Weinberg, USA