Platform Overview

AIB LAC 2020 has joined with AIB WORLD 2020 Online conference and will also utilize the online conference portal called OnAir, which will provide a platform for the conference agenda incorporating all panels, all paper presentations, networking sessions, and exhibits. Most sessions will be natively shown in the browser, without the need to open or switch to any external applications (with the exception of presenters, who will use Zoom).  The platform also allows for person to person interactions between participants.   At the end of this briefing, you will see three screenshots of what OnAir looks like, from both a participant’s view and from a speaker’s view.

AIB has also hired a technical support company called Touchpoint, that will provide technical guidance and support before and through the conference. This company will help us run the sessions, provide technical assistance to both speakers and participants, and help the Secretariat to setup the platform for the conference.

5-8 days before the conference, panelists will receive an instructional guide from Touchpoint on how to access the Speaker Portal and how to effectively use the system.  There will also be an opportunity to do a test run to make sure you are comfortable with the technology.

Preparing for AIB LAC 2020 Panel Presentation

  • Because of limited attention spans online, AIB has decided to limit all sessions to 50 minutes for AIB LAC 2020. This should include all presentation plus any Q&A.
  • The panels will be held in a Live Webinar format. The format is described in detail in the next section, as well as sample screenshots of the platform.
  • Panel Chairs should develop a Panel Protocol document, outlining how the 50 minutes will be utilized, including Introductions, allocated time per presentation, order of presentation, and how the discussion and Q&A will be run. Please share this protocol with Touchpoint as well before the conference begins, so that Touchpoint is aware of how the panel will run and can be on alert for any possible technical issues.
  • Touchpoint and AIB also request that the title and last slides in the accompanying Powerpoint file be used by the chair/moderator at the beginning and at the end of the session. This way, the participants, as they enter the room but before the panel starts, can see the session title. Similarly, when the session ends, the final title can be left on the screen to indicate the end of the panel.  Please remember to update the slides to include the name of the panel and the speakers.
  • We have shared our AIB Webinars Zoom Best Practices document with you as well. This gives you an overview of what to expect on the day of the panel, and suggestions on how each panelist should become familiar with the technical aspects in preparation for the panel.


  • The webinar will utilize Zoom on the backend to deliver the session live during the designated session date and time.
  • Presenter/panellists will be able to join the webinar via the OnAIR Speaker Portal and will have control to share their own screens as they wish.
  • We recommend that panelists join the speaker portal 10-15 minutes before the session starts to test connection, test how to share their slides, ensure their audio works, and to do their last checks.
  • A text-based Q&A will be available in the portal for chairs and panellists to monitor questions and to provide text responses. Panellists who are not presenting at any point in time should be encouraged to monitor the Q&A feed and answer via text the more straight-forward questions. The more comprehensive questions can be “starred” to be picked up and discussed live on the air during the discussion/Q&A portion of the panel.
  • Touchpoint on hand to assist the presenter/panellist and manage Live Support for attendees
  • Interaction options are limited to text Q&A and on-the-air answers/discussion based on text questions.